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What is a Pre-Order?

Often our suppliers release a new product catalogue some time before releasing the new products. The collectable nature of our products usually means there is limited stock available even on brand new lines. To ensure you get hold of the new products as they are released we sometimes give you the opportunity to place a pre-order on the items before our supplier ships the stock to us.

How Does it Work?

We will list our pre-order items along with the rest of our products. They are clearly marked on our website as pre-order items. If you wish to place a pre-order for an item you simply add it to your cart/basket like any other product. You will then go through our checkout, just like placing an order for any other product.

When Will I be Charged for a Pre-Order?

We will only charge you for the item when the product is in stock and ready to ship

When you go through checkout you will complete the order as normal at our payment processor (Paypal) either by using your Paypal accout or entering your credit/debit card details to authorize the payment. No money is taken at this time.

Once we have the item in stock we will capture the outstanding balance from your Paypal account/card and, if this is successful, ship the item to you right away.

If the time period between you placing the order and us capturing your payment goes over 29 days there is a possibility your authorization for payment may expire and we will be unable to capture the amount automatically. If this does occur we will resolve this by either sending you another request for authorization or we will simply send you a Paypal payment request.

To make sure this process is as speedy as possible we will not nofify you before we capture the balance so it is up to you to ensure you can cover the balance.

How Will I Know When the Item is Being Shipped?

Once we have succesfully captured the balance we will flag your order as "Shipped" and you will recieve an automated email to inform you.

How Long Will I Have to Wait for My Item?

This really depends on our supplier. In this particular industry and due to the nature of the products there can sometimes be manufacturer delays. We will do our best to give you an estimated time frame but we cannot guarantee your item will be ready within that time frame.

We will do our upmost to inform you of any serious delays.

What if I Place an Order for a Pre-Order Item and an Item That is in Stock at the Same Time?

No problem. We will simply split the order into seperate orders, capture the payment amount for the in stock item then ship it to you. Your pre-order will remain in our system as a separate order waiting for the item to be in stock.